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Feb 25, 2013 10:30pm EST
, or other kinds of support? is there a way that the regime can be displaced given russia's support military and otherwise? >> i will answer your first question and let the secretary answer questions two, three, and four. why should they come and meet? because countries have been helping them and because we are precisely meeting to determine how to help assad change the calculation on the ground. i have said that he needs to be able to change his calculation. president obama has been engaged in examining the way that we may be able to contribute to that. that is the purpose of this meeting in rome. i would urge syria opposition to join us as a matter of practicality and informing us. i would say to them ahead of time that in our discussions today, in washington, which prompted us to accept this meeting with a new secretary of state that a beginning moment of the second term, president obama has expressed concerns about it. this moment is right for us to be considering what we can do. we understand that the syrian people want to see results in this conference. i would say, so do we. the best
Feb 8, 2013 10:30pm EST
rachmaninoff premiered his symphony number two in st. petersburg, russia. rachmaninoff was a technical pianist. history records he rarely missed a note despite the enormous complexity of his compositions. but you chose to use your hands to orchestrate other kinds of efforts. you worked both ends of pennsylvania avenue. you and sylvia advocated for the purity of public service. then the nation called again and you answered again. so for the past four years you have led those in the intelligence and defense communities, those trusted with protecting our nation and our families. you have led the fight for the proper amount of resources. you balanced the threat of external attack with the threat of internal insolvency. you once said diversity in america is as old as this nation itself. you did more than just speak about it. you took action. you have insured our forces will be able to draw upon the very best this nation has to offer. you have overseen the fielding of new capabilities to meet the threats of tomorrow, and you have demonstrated that steadfast commitment to families and troops wherever
Feb 1, 2013 2:00pm EST
rid of the tyrannical government. they held a banquet in moscow some years ago to honor one of russia's few heroes. the general was a tank driver in world war ii. the general got up and said, mr. president, my dream is a country like the united states. i think about that because others have pointed out when the soviet empire fell apart, one of the first things countries of the old east bloc, the first thing they did was legalize individual ownership to firearms, not because they would attack their governments, but because they know that is a measure of stability and freedom and it is a symbol of freedom. in this country, a lot of the argument over firearms has less to do with crime as it does with symbolism and what the second amendment represents. prior to the culture wars of the late '60s -- late 1960's, the nra for its first hundred years of existence did not spend money in politics. we did not have a lobbyist and it was not necessary. we divided into two ideological camps in this country. i am not talking about all the gun owners, but the politicians. it has had less to do about c
Feb 1, 2013 10:30pm EST
, close to each other. in the barracks, one of our border units to russia, we have the female soldiers sleeping in the same rooms as their male colleagues all year around. in my batallion in norway, i didn't want this, and we separated. and the reason for this is that when we are deployed, there is a rule, no alcohol. so we don't have all these issues. but the combination with alcohol, young men and women together, that's not always easy. when they came home from -- the few harassment issues we had, they were always combined with alcohol. therefore, i was a little concerned to have them sleeping in the same room. not the possibility to kind of lock their doors and so on. it is sad to tell, but that's the truth. >> the critical mass thing put me on red alert and i have been listening to that. particularly since i saw the article yesterday talking about what the general thinks it means. i do not think they know what they mean by critical mass. having been on staff duty a lot and seeing the compromises that have had to be made to come to accord, to get all four of the service chiefs in li
Feb 22, 2013 8:00pm EST
korea. russia and china today -- they say they oppose any military intervention in north korea. what's the position of the white house? >> again, i would urge you to hear what the president has to say today. i think we got to go, because -- >> can i do just one quickly? >> yes, one more, kristen. >> can you comment on or confirm the reports that the united states is preparing to establish a drone base in northwest africa? >> i think those reports are fairly old, but i have no comment on that. thanks. >> week ahead, sir? >> i do have a week ahead. >> old but no comment? >> well, i remember -- i don't know, is this a new report? there was a report that i -- >> well, in light of -- >> -- didn't comment on the other day or i had a comment on. i'm not sure this is a new report. >> do you have a timeframe on it? >> i'll have to get back to you, kristen. i'm not sure what our -- >> -- that you're aware of. >> sure. on sunday, the president and first lady will welcome the national governors association to the white house for the 2013 governors dinner. the vice president and dr. biden will al
Feb 22, 2013 10:30pm EST
and police. the countries that have done this in the past are germany under adolf hitler, russian -- russia under stalin, and now sits on in china, these things led to the -- and now it's a town -- mai tse tung in china. millions of people lost their lives in the circumstances. guest: i have heard the comments that richard made, made before. certainly, the shooting in tucson, ariz., was not a gun- free zone. the shooting just yesterday las vegas was not a gun-free zone. they happen everywhere. unfortunately, the conversation that we're talking about, background checks for example, making sure they are down on everybody, get extrapolated to this degree that ultimately, this will result in people getting their doors kicked open and having someone take their guns. that is not the conversation at all. that is not what any of these bills or legislation will do it is unconstitutional to do that. we have the decision that you cannot ban guns. i think that is a great decision. it removes the extreme position that everyone is quite drop their guns taken away. setting background checks on all gun sa
Feb 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
in the nation, with people who have come from the middle east, south asia, asia, russia, the eastern european nation and it's a virtual united nations. many entered our shores like my parents to pursue careers in medicine, science, education and other professions. many are proud business owners of law firms, restaurants, grocery stores, shipping companies, hairbraiding venues. there are those who come as asylum seekers, fleeing the tumult of war, famine and genocide. no matter their reason for immigrating, they've come to the u.s. to be productive, tax-paying members of our civil society and to attain the american dream. unfortunately immigrants of the african area like so many groups around the world are dealing with backlogged immigration processes. families being ripped apart, falling out of status because they have aged out of the legal immigration process. racial and status discrimination, unfair criminal aggravated felony laws, depour tration processes that violate -- deportation processes that violate rights and insecure and prohibitive student visa programs, limited access to work per
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)